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How Do the Colleges Differ?

Link to information about how each of the UCSD colleges differ.

All the colleges are committed to educational excellence. Each college has its own distinctive educational philosophy and programmatic theme, general education requirements, neighborhood within the UCSD campus, and active student life.

Which college will you choose?

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What is general education?

At every university, your major will be just one part of your education. General education is equally important and can be just as exciting.

The particular general education courses required vary from college to college, depending on its educational philosophy and programmatic theme.

  • General education courses provide you with the breadth of knowledge across the sciences, social sciences, math, the arts, and humanities that every educated individual needs.
  • General education courses at all six UCSD colleges will help you put the specialized knowledge of your major in a larger perspective, stimulate your curiosity, and introduce you to whole new areas of knowledge. (They might even lead you to change your ideas about what you want to major or minor in.) They’ll also help you learn to read, write, and think critically.

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