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UCSD's Six Colleges: Student Voices

Read students' accounts of their experiences as members of UCSD's six colleges.

Thurgood Marshall College

Daniel from Marshall

Transfer Student
Urban Studies and Planning junior

"The way UCSD has structured its colleges is really amazing. You feel like you're part of a community. Marshall College is about celebrating diversity, and that's what drew me to it. They really reach out to transfer students. They have a ton of organizations and leaders that constantly keep us informed."

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Muir College

Aleli from Muir

Transfer Student
Sociology senior

"I really enjoy the professors here. They're competent, amazing, and friendly ... I chose John Muir College because John Muir was a big environmentalist. I'm all about Muir's motto, "Pave your own path." Muir has a great social network ... I'm having so much fun."

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Revelle College

Hochung from Revelle

Management Science, third year

"There's more for everyone with six colleges. You have intercollege pride. You get to know people better and have more chances for leadership and to build yourself as a person. Revelle's the oldest college, so it has the most traditions. I think we have the most spirit."

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Roosevelt College

Frankie from Roosevelt

Media / Photography sophomore

"I have pride that I'm in Eleanor Roosevelt College. The whole ERC campus is new and nice … we're so lucky. My college gives me an opportunity to build a relationship with the provost and deans. And the Making of the Modern World classes made me a much better writer."

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Sixth College

Candice from Sixth

International Studies/ Political Science senior

"I chose UCSD because I really liked Sixth College. I was in its very first class. The theme — culture, art and technology — is what the world is composed of. The faculty and provost were inviting and warm … Sixth College is everything I dreamed of. I've had so many opportunities."

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Warren College

Michelle from Warren

Engineering Science sophomore

"I like the six colleges because UCSD's so big. Having a smaller college makes it easier to meet people. You can pick the college that suits you … I'm the treasurer of Programming at Warren. We put on social events and get the whole college out."

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