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The Undergraduate College System

If you are a prospective student who plans to apply to UC San Diego, review the colleges carefully.

The colleges are the foundation of your student experience. Every undergraduate at UCSD belongs to one of its six colleges. You will be asked on your application to rank the colleges in order of preference. Each college has something unique to offer. Most applicants are given their first or second choice, so choose wisely.


Six Colleges Brochure

Some colleges have updated their general education requirements, effective October 2014.

Get a quick overview in our Six Colleges brochure or more details about the six colleges: Earl Warren, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Muir, Revelle, Sixth and Thurgood Marshall. You’ll learn more about academic programs, student life and residential life so that you can rank your college choices in a way that's right for you.

Explore the Undergraduate College System

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How do I choose a college?

  • Check out the six websites for our colleges.
  • Research and compare the colleges with this online brochure.
  • Visit the campus.
  • Talk to current students, alumni and friends about their UC San Diego experiences.
  • Rank the six colleges in order of preference when you apply.