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John Muir College

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Muir College

John Muir College, UCSD's second college, was named for famed environmentalist, nature writer, and Sierra Club founder John Muir.

Established in 1967 when a new American environmental movement was taking shape under the influence of works such as Rachel Carson's bestselling book Silent Spring, Muir College continues to be inspired by its namesake's engagement with nature and human values. John Muir's self-directed and multifaceted career led the college to adopt as its motto "Celebrating the Independent Spirit."

The college promotes awareness of environmental issues and is dedicated to the cause of sustainability. Since 1993, it has been home to UCSD's interdisciplinary Environmental Studies minor. In the spirit of John Muir, Muir College encourages the spirit of individual choice and responsibility within the framework of a strong, supportive community.

General education at Muir

Muir’s general education requirements guide students toward a broad and liberal education while offering substantial choice in the shaping of that education. Muir’s flexible approach enables students to design academic programs tailored to their individual interests, talents, and goals, and facilitates the pursuit of double majors and minor fields.

Muir’s general education program requires:

  • One 3-course sequence in the social sciences (anthropology, cognitive science, critical gender studies, economics, ethnic studies, linguistics, political science, psychology,  sociology, or urban studies and planning)
  • One 3-course sequence in mathematics (calculus), or the natural sciences (biology, chemistry or physics), or environmental studies
  • Two 3-course sequences in humanities (history, literature, philosophy, or third-world studies), foreign languages, and fine arts (music, theatre, or visual arts)

In addition to the general education sequences, students must complete a 2-course sequence in university-level writing in the Muir College Writing Program.