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Revelle College

Purpose – Truth– Vision

"Where the Sciences, Arts, and the Humanities join to educate and cultivate Renaissance men and women"

Revelle College welcomes its 50th class of entering students in fall 2014! Revelle College is a community of over 3,800 UC San Diego undergraduate students who represent diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

At Revelle, students pursue academic excellence and explore research opportunities with support from individualized student services, eminent faculty, and world-class libraries. Outside of the classroom, students enjoy a wide array of programs, activities, and services.

At Revelle College, we focus on you and are proud of your successes here and after graduation. You’re in the right place if you are interested in rigorous educational curriculum and opportunities, distinguished faculty, engagement in college life, collaborative activities and experiences, and a diverse environment in which to live, work, and play.

Academic profile of Revelle students

  • Students – 3,800 undergraduate and transfer students
  • Academics – Typically, 65–70% of Revelle students graduate with a science or engineering major, 20–30% with a social science major, and 10% with an arts and humanities major. Many students achieve double majors or include a minor, design individualized interdisciplinary majors, work on a research project, or graduate with University honors.

Vibrant student life

The traditional classroom experience is only part of the educational process. We encourage students to enhance their college experience and gain valuable leadership skills by participating in student organizations, mentoring and leadership programs, and other activities.

The variety of social, cultural, service, and educational activities offered by Student Affairs and Residence Life makes the Revelle community an engaged and exciting place to live and learn.

General education at Revelle

At Revelle College, students can focus their studies on any of the more than 130 majors available at UC San Diego. Class size ranges from small one-unit seminars limited to 20 students to large lectures of up to 400 students

By their third year, many Revelle students undertake independent research. Students receive individualized attention in the areas of academic advising, campus and residential life, leadership opportunities, student government and organizations.

The colleges provide students with a small-college experience, while offering access to UC San Diego’s research university resources that include prominent and distinguished faculty, world-class libraries, laboratories, and computer facilities.

Revelle’s general education program requires:

  • Humanities – 5 courses: Revelle’s writing course, the Humanities program offers an interdisciplinary approach to history, philosophy, and literature with a focus on ideas and forms of expression from the Western humanistic tradition that influence modern America. Revelle’s Humanities program includes instruction at the university writing level.
  • Calculus – 3 courses
  • Natural science – 5 courses
  • Social science – 2 courses
  • Fine arts – 1 course
  • Language proficiency by exam or completion of 4th quarter