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Student Voices – Revelle College

Read Hochung's account of his experiences as a member of Revelle College.

Note: In addition to reading Hochung's description of student life in Revelle College, you can also link to other Student Voices to learn about the rest of UCSD's Six Colleges.

Hochung from Revelle

San Diego has a sunny, open atmosphere. People just seem friendlier. When I'm on the beach, I'll just smile and wave at someone. Often I get a, "How's your day?"

I went to Valley High School in Sacramento. I play tennis, but not competitively anymore. I have a boogie board, and I'm definitely trying to use it more often. I feel as though San Diego is home already.

"UCSD is the best mix"

UCSD is the best mix for me, especially with our climate and prestige. I also wanted the chance to be a little more independent. When I visited the campus, I said, "Hey, I really want to go here." There's a lot of things going on at UCSD.

Work and play

I'm the treasurer of Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity. I also have two jobs on campus - in the Game Room and marketing for the Price Center. I was an Orientation Leader last summer. There's not a better feeling than seeing one of your orientees who tells you all of this stuff they're doing now.

College is really challenging; it gets you out of the box. I came in pretty fresh, ready to step out, be social and meet people. I believe the organizations on campus are very good, especially the cultural clubs. UCSD is definitely on the rise.

I live off campus with three roommates. Two of us have been friends since freshman year. It's been great. When you live with people, you really get to know them. Having good roommates is necessary.

Management Science

My major, Management Science, will definitely get me into the business world, and say I'm qualified to become a higher level executive. I had an interesting opportunity with my sister for the summer. She works with the Greenlining Institute (its goal is to draw attention to the lack of philanthropy to minority-led organizations).

My secret desire is psychology, so I'm considering a minor in it. It's a very interesting subject, especially social psychology. It's an amazing area.

Revelle has spirit

There's more for everyone with six colleges. You have intercollege pride. You get to know people better and have more chances for leadership and to build yourself as a person. Revelle's the oldest college, so it has the most traditions. I think we have the most spirit. We've won the "UnOlympics Shoe" for four years running now. At the UnOlympics the colleges compete in sports, cheers, and a dance. Getting the students together to learn the dance was so interesting. We competed for points.

RAs, Recess and Snow Day

The Resident Advisors (RAs) at Revelle are our first and last stop for everything. They put on events for us. The best are "Recess" and "Snow Day." For Recess, they bring in a bunch of old-school games like tetherball, dodgeball and kickball, and everyone has at it in Revelle Plaza. At Snow Day they actually dumped snow on the Revelle lawn. Everyone made snow angels and snowmen, and had snowball fights.

The faculty experience

The faculty really know what they're doing. The best experience I've had was with a psychology professor, Heather Flowe. She was so bubbly, and the material was so interesting it was really fun. Her energy just transferred to the students.

Our classes fly by so quickly that it's amazing how they get so much information into one quarter. I was also in the gospel choir. Ken Anderson, the director, is really cool.

"It's about the people you meet"

Go out and find people you're comfortable with and just have fun. Wherever you go it's about people you meet. If I have something I want to be at on the weekend, I study hard during the week and no time for slacking off. I don't study at home - there's too many distractions. Don't study by your computer - you're always getting e-mails. Oh my goodness, the computer is so bad!

College is what you make of it. Don't be shy. I have this little button; it says "Don't be shy, just say hi."

Revelle College