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Directions and Parking

Parking directions vary depending on the time of year and construction activity/detours. Check this page a few days prior to your tour for the latest information.

Download a printable map and directions (PDF)


Park in Lot P703 and take the East & Regents shuttle to the Student Services Center (there is a green "P" on the front of the bus). Exit the bus and cross Rupertus Lane, directly to the Triton Center.


Park in the Gilman Parking Structure, then walk to the Triton Center.

Paying for parking:

Pay Station
  • A parking permit is required on weekdays and may be purchased from the pay station located in each lot. Parking is free on Saturdays.

  • Full-day "V" parking permits cost $20.

  • Hourly "V" permits are also available at a rate of $2/hr. Please be aware that you will need a minimum of 2.5 hours to complete a Triton Tour.

  • Your parking permit allows you to park in V, S, and B parking stalls. Do not park in an A stall or you will be ticketed.

  • Gilman Parking Structure permits are ONLY valid in Gilman; if you bought a day pass at an information center, it is not valid in Gilman.

  • Pay stations accept cash ($1 and $5 bills), Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Pay stations do not dispense change.

  • View information for visitors with disabled person placards or license plates.

Parking at meters is strongly discouraged.

Meters do not allow enough time to complete a Triton Tour.

Directions from I-5 to Parking

UC San Diego is located adjacent to the I-5 freeway, between Gilman Drive to the south and Genesee Avenue to the north.

Directions from I-5 to Parking Lot P703 (Monday - Friday)

  • Exit Genesee Avenue (exit 29) and go east
  • Turn right on Campus Point Drive
  • Turn left on Voight Drive
  • Turn right into Lot P703
  • Park and purchase a parking pass at designated kiosk (you'll need at least 3 hours!)

Directions from 1-5 to Gilman Parking Structure (Saturdays)

  • Exit La Jolla Village Drive (exit 28) and go west.
  • Turn right at first stoplight, Villa La Jolla Drive, and get in the left lane.
  • Drive straight to enter Gilman Parking Structure.
  • Follow directions in the section below to get from the lot to the Triton Center
Directions to Triton Tours

Directions to Triton Tour from Parking

Triton Tours start at the Triton Center on the 1st floor of the Student Services Center (corner of Myers Drive and Rupertus Lane).

Direction to Triton Tour from Parking Lot P703 (Weekdays)

  • Take the East & Regents shuttle to the Gilman Transit Center (there is a green "P" on the front of the bus)
  • Exit the bus and follow the signs to turn right onto Myers Drive
  • Exit the bus and cross Rupertus Lane, directly to the Triton Center!

Walking Directions from Gilman Parking Structure to the Triton Center (Saturdays)

  • Walk north along Russell Drive.
  • Turn left onto Rupertus Way.
  • You'll see the 5-story Student Services Center ahead of you, slightly to your right. The Triton Center is on the 1st floor on the southwest side. Look for signs!!
Triton Center

School Group Tour Bus parking

Please give this information to your Transportation Department and bus driver prior to your tour date.

  • Allow adequate time for construction on campus and getting to the Campus Tours Office.
  • When unloading, please keep a close eye on your students.
Directions to Tour Location:
  • From Interstate 5, exit La Jolla Village Drive (exit 28) and go west.
  • Go past the stoplight at Villa La Jolla Drive and get in the right lane.
  • Take the right-hand turnoff (Gilman Drive).
  • Turn right onto Gilman Drive.
  • Turn left onto Myers Drive at stoplight.
  • Turn right at the stop sign onto Rupertus Way.
  • Drop off students and chaperones at the shuttle/bus stop on the right.
  • Chaperones need to check in at the Campus Tours Office upon arrival; it's directly across the street.
Bus drivers must continue to parking.
For buses with E (exempt) plates, the following two designated zones have been approved:
  • Bus zone on Pangea Dr (See below for directions)
  • At the end of Rupertus Way, turn right onto Russell Lane
  • Turn right at the stoplight onto Gilman Drive
  • Stay right to merge onto La Jolla Village Drive (which turns into N. Torrey Pines Rd)
  • Turn right onto Pangea Dr and park in the bus zones directly on the left and right.
For buses without E (exempt) plates or vans, please continue to Parking lot P703
  • At the end of Rupertus Way, turn right onto Russell Lane.
  • Turn left at the stoplight onto Gilman Drive.
  • Turn right at the stop sign onto Voigt Drive.
  • Cross over the freeway and go past Preuss School (it's on your left).
  • Turn left into parking lot P703.
  • Buses with E (exempt) plates may park anywhere in this lot for free.
  • Purchase permit(s) at the machine in the lot, or ahead of time at the Visitor Information Center on Gilman Drive. If the driver is staying with the bus, no fee is required.

Please feel free to ask the Triton Center front desk for a map upon arrival!


Contact Campus Tours Office (858) 822-4750

Avoid Citations

Pay attention to restrictions when you buy a permit to park.

Note Construction

Lane closures on I-5 at Genesee Ave ramps could cause delays.