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Spring Keyzers

President, Undergraduate Student Veterans Organization
Class of 2017

What does UC San Diego offer for student veterans that is unique from other universities?

While many universities offer a Veteran-friendly space, UC San Diego has the only space that I know of that invites other resources (Counseling and Psychology Services, Office for Student with Disabilities, etc.) to host office hours in our center space so that we do not need to seek them out. An added bonus would be that the different resource groups on campus try to get individuals who are veteran-connected themselves to host the office hours.

What resources would you encourage other student veterans to take advantage of here at UC San Diego?

There are a ton of different resources on campus. I personally have used the writing center, but I know many people who use math tutors and other resources that help them become better students.

What advice would you give to other veterans who are looking to pursue a degree at UC San Diego?

Get Connected! Come to the Student Veterans Resource Center and find out what is going on. A sense of community and the knowledge that you are not the only one struggling will go a long way toward successfully completing your college requirements.

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