How do I rank the Colleges?

We suggest you review these brief descriptions of each college's educational philosophy and General Education (GE) structure to see which fit best with your interests and goals.

Drag the colleges into order with the first one being most like and the last one being least like your own educational philosophy and interests.

Sixth College

Sixth concentrates on your development of ethical integrity, creativity, self-understanding, critical reasoning and appreciation of the powers and implications of culture, art and technology.

Eleanor Roosevelt College

Roosevelt focuses on your development as a global citizen through courses that build your awareness and understanding of various histories, customs, ideas, problems and aspirations of peoples around the world.

Earl Warren College

Warren produces a life in balance through Programs of Concentration you take outside of your major to provide you with a well-rounded education.

Thurgood Marshall College

Marshall directs your development as a scholar and citizen through courses designed to raise awareness and understanding of the diversity of cultures that comprise contemporary American society.

John Muir College

Muir advocates individual choice so you take an active role in shaping your education, selecting your four, year-long GE sequences from a broad list of academic disciplines.

Revelle College

Revelle provides a defined formula for your success as a well-rounded scholar through a highly structured set of courses from many academic disciplines inside and outside of your major.