Here you'll find information on UC San Diego's new and updated majors for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. Students planning to transfer to UC San Diego, effective Fall 2018 or later, can use this information as a guide to planning coursework at their respective California Community College. Transfer Major Preparation is required for select majors.

New Majors Effective Fall 2018

  • Biology: Molecular and Cell Biology B.S.
  • Biology: Neurobiology B.S.
  • International Studies - Philosophy B.A.
  • Linguistics with a Specialization in Speech and Language Sciences B.A.
  • Literature - World Literature and Culture B.A.
  • Real Estate and Development B.S.
  • Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences B.S.
  • Psychology: Business Psychology B.S.
  • Political Science/Data Analytics B.S.

Updated Majors Lower Division Major Preparation Changes

  • Cognitive Science B.A.
  • Cognitive Science B.S.
  • Cognitive Science Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience B.S.
  • Cognitive Science Specialization in Neuroscience B.S.
  • Cognitive Science Specialization in Clinical Aspects B.S.
  • Cognitive Science Specialization in Language & Culture B.S.
  • Cognitive Science Specialization in Design & Interaction B.S.
  • Cognitive Science Specialization in Machine Learning & Neural Computation B.S.
  • Marine Biology B.S.

Updated/New Majors

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Course Guide List

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