At UC San Diego, students can embrace their own unique interests and pave their own path to success. Here, a few proud Tritons share what they love most about UC San Diego and the advantages they have received from their chosen major.

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

I loved the amount of resources that I would have access to in the Theater Department. The facilities are really phenomenal. I had mostly heard that UC San Diego was a science school, but when I came and looked at the arts program, I realized just how small and intimate it is. With such small classes, I realized I would actually have more of an opportunity to work closely with faculty and my classmates. It was a great choice because I’ve gotten to know so many of my classmates really well and I’ve been able to create a real sense of community here.

What drew you to the Visual Arts?

I have delved into many different practices within the arts, particularly theater. Eventually, I started getting to the point where I didn’t feel challenged enough by theater alone. One cool thing about the Visual Arts program here is that it provides a unique opportunity to act on several different levels within the arts. The Visual Arts and Media major is based in very artistic practices, so I have learned a lot about art theory and I've gotten opportunities to collaborate with the sciences.

What resources are available to you within the Arts & Humanities?

The equipment used in our program is a hugely important resource. We have a state-of-the-art media equipment center that offers classes and workshops. We can learn everything about media-making, from lighting to how to use advanced cameras. Plus, our studios and editing rooms are equipped with current software. Having access to all of this has allowed me to do so much more than I ever thought was possible.

Angela, Visual Arts and Media

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

After visiting campus, I realized that UC San Diego would provide opportunity and resources that I couldn't get at any other school. Also, it’s a plus that as a biology major most of the required general education courses are classes that I truly enjoy–things like labs, calculus and chemistry.

What do you love about UC San Diego’s location?

I love how the campus is located right near the beach and yet still so close to the city. The campus always smells fresh because of its close proximity to the ocean!

What opportunities have been open to you at UC San Diego?

I got a volunteer position in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Jacobs Medical Center, the new UC San Diego hospital. I found the position by networking with a fellow UC San Diego student. I love volunteering at the NICU. It is, by far, one of the most special things I've done.

Autumn, General Biology

Why did you choose a Business minor?

The Business minor at UC San Diego is really cool because most of my classes are actually in the graduate school, the Rady School of Management. Not only do I get to enjoy the nice facilities, I’m learning from awesome professors. One really cool thing about taking classes at Rady is that we get to participate in the Behavioral Lab and take surveys for various research projects. It’s pretty fun–and they actually pay for participation.

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

First, I love the San Diego area. I fell in love with the campus and I really felt at home here. Second, I wanted to come to UC San Diego because of the academics. You really can’t go wrong with academics here. I actually started out as an engineering major, and UC San Diego is ranked in the top 10 for engineering. When I switched to Economics, I realized that we’re in the top 10 for Economics, too.

Alison, Mathematics & Economics, Business minor

What opportunities are open to engineering students at UC San Diego?

There are always a lot of opportunities around UC San Diego, especially for engineering students interested in the tech industry. Right now, I’m working for a particle physics professor doing a computation. I’m learning about real-life technologies where I can apply the theoretical things I learn in class directly to my work.

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

I'm a firm believer that where you grow up determines what kind of person you're going to be, so I believed that these next four years would change me as a person. When I went on a campus tour, I immediately found that UC San Diego had an environment that I would feel comfortable calling my second home. This was the place where I wanted to grow up and I saw myself becoming the kind of man that I want to be.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

You walk into college as a kid and you leave as an adult, so I would tell students to come here because they see themselves growing up here and evolving the kind of adult that they want to become. Look for social, community-driven aspects of the university. Things that you know will form you into the person you want to be.

Naveen, Electrical Engineering

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

I chose UC San Diego because I’m a Marine Biology major and the location here is amazing. Because the beach is just a 10-to 15-minute walk down the hill, I knew I could get awesome experience and conduct research near campus. I also wanted to come here because of the great research opportunities. The fact that there is a Nobel Prize winner in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography really caught my eye.

What research have you done on campus?

I do my research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It’s really cool because it’s a graduate institution, so I’m able to work with graduate professors (and some of those Nobel Prize winners I mentioned). During my work in the Acoustics Laboratory, I’m working on a project involving the study of two different species of dolphins. I get to listen to underwater sounds and determine what is happening in the animals’ lives.

Elyse, Marine Biology

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

I chose UC San Diego because it was the school with the highest prestige in the sciences. I was also really interested in the opportunities available to work on research programs in my future. Going to school here has given me a foot in the door to an internship at Pharmtek, Inc. which is right down the street from campus.

Why do you enjoy the academics at UC San Diego?

I have a study group that I meet with every Wednesday. In the STEM community, you tend to find people who you gravitate toward. As a veteran, it’s easy for me to break through social barriers. I’m not afraid to be the first one to speak up and say something to get a group together. The TAs are generally always available and they keep their own office hours. It’s also an "open door policy" with most professors. Professors hold office hours every week and most will stay behind after class to answer your questions.

Why should other students choose UC San Diego?

For such a large campus, it still feels pretty small. The scenery changes a lot. Once you’re here, it’s an easy community to get used to and it’s easy to get around. The school is competitive with the other Universities of California, but the San Diego area is probably the best the UC system has to offer.

Colin, Biochemistry

Upon graduating from UC San Diego, I attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law and presently practice disability and civil rights law. My experiences at UC San Diego cultivated and solidified my commitment and passion for outreach and service work. I consider myself fortunate to continue such work in both my career and current membership in organizations such as the Black Women Lawyer’s Association of Los Angeles and the National Bar Association.

Sessen, Political Science/Communication

Why do you like studying Global Health at UC San Diego?

When UC San Diego introduced Global Health as a new major, I changed my major before my second year. I really like how interdisciplinary Global Health is, allowing me to study most of the social sciences. I also love how it focuses on health inequities in low-income countries.

What is your favorite place to study on campus?

I love the computer lab. It allows me to do my work in a timely manner.

What is the best part about being a Triton?

I have been able to develop myself in ways that I couldn't imagine before coming to college. I have done a multitude things because UC San Diego has so many opportunities open to students.

Ashley, Global Health

Why did you choose UC San Diego?

The coolest thing about UC San Diego is that there is a lab or opportunity for every interest. I’m a Cognitive Science major, so the summer before I started, I emailed the Autism Center to see if they had any research opportunities available. They gave me a chance to volunteer. I recognized that all of the opportunities on campus would help me move forward after I graduate.

What do you love about UC San Diego’s location?

I really wanted to go to school in a big city that had a lot of opportunities, not only on campus, but also around it. I love being able to take advantage of our location. UC San Diego is the highest ranked school in the area and has lots of on-campus and local research opportunities available.

How do you find opportunities on and around campus?

I’ve always had an interest in studying autism. My brother is autistic and I knew that I wanted to learn more about it. Since UC San Diego has an opportunity for just about everything, I guessed that they would have an Autism Center, and they do. It’s just down the street and is close to the ocean, which is perfect for me.

Thomas, Cognitive Science