UC San Diego typically receives more than 18,000 transfer applications. We're looking for students with strong academics, so successful applicants must exceed minimum UC admission requirements. UC San Diego admits transfer applicants at the junior level only. Transfer applicants will not be admitted as undeclared. If you are not admitted to your major, you will not be admitted to the university.

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Our goal is to identify and admit students who are fully prepared to excel in our challenging academic environment. We’re looking for students who represent strong academic achievement, exceptional personal talent and the broad diversity of abilities, personal experience and backgrounds characteristic of California.


As a transfer applicant, you must meet the minimum coursework requirements, major preparation and lower-division general education courses listed on the Transfer Student Application Requirements page.

Portfolio Review

Students applying to Music, Theatre & Dance, or Visual Arts may submit an optional portfolio/audition video when they apply to UC San Diego. When you choose one of these majors on the UC Application, you will be provided with a link to submit your arts portfolio/audition video online. Faculty in the major to which you are applying will review your submission and share their evaluations with the UC San Diego Office of Admissions. This evaluation may add value to your overall application. Follow the link provided through the UC Application to submit your portfolio/audition video. The Office of Admissions does not accept submissions sent directly to our office.

Military Credit

Matriculated students seeking military credit must submit their Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART), Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) or equivalent military transcript to the Office of Admissions.

  • UC San Diego may award lower-division units (first-year/sophomore level) for military courses completed when there is an equivalent course taught at a UC campus.

  • UC San Diego does not grant credit for work experience, military/recruit basic training, vocational or technical training, CLEP and DSST examinations, and remedial academic or personal enrichment courses.

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Transfer Students

We're looking for your insatiable curiosity and drive to build a better world.

Transfer Students


As a transfer applicant, you must meet minimum coursework, major preparation and specific lower-division general education requirements.

Application Requirements


Learn about the important dates that you'll encounter throughout the transfer application process.

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